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By Bangkok Dolls

The works of Bangkok Dolls are created by Khunying Tongkorn Chandavimol with the help of about twenty artisans. These dolls are handcrafted to represent Thai Culture and have been found in the collections of Royalty and Doll Collectors around the world for more than four decades. From H.M. the King of Thailand, she received the medal called "Knight Commander of the Most Illustrious Order of Chula Chom Klao" and from that she has the title of "Khunying”.

The Bangkok Dolls museum shows up in all of the tourist recommendations.

The three kings, from the left are a Chinese mandarin, a prince of India and a Thai nobleman.  Bowing on his knees is a farm man. In green is a farm woman. In blue is a musician.  In red with white hats is a Karen woman and man. (The Karen are a hill tribe that are known for working with elephants.)  House is 14” tall.


Denmark Painted Wood



Ireland Waterford Nativity Set



South Korea

Carved By Lee Young Jong

South Korea, Mr. Lee Young-jong, through Harubang Gift Co.  The woodcarving craftsmen who had led the business in the 1970’s, according to Lee, were himself, Lee Kwang-young and Kim Boo-ho.  When the market dropped, Lee Kwang-young and Kim Boo-ho turned to farming.  Mr. Lee continued to work with the wood.

Mr. Lee uses knives to carve then uses watercolor mixed with alcohol for color, then dips the piece in hot melted candle wax, and finally uses shoe polish for gloss.  The nativity set is carved with a Korean king (with the flat topped hat), a lady dressed in a hanbok, and praying men all dressed in traditional Korean outfits, with a Korean-style hut.  The hut is 9” tall.

Latest News

Austin Nativity Show

Helen Holder says: If you are traveling through MN on I90, stop by Austin. I have my 850 nativities on display until mid January. Call 507-433-2643


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Baby Jesus was made especially for FOTC and are hand painted resin.  Nancy Quinby of Nantasy Fantasy is an internationally known miniature doll artisan.  She sculpted and painted each doll.  The limited edition is only available on the FOTC web site.  Please send $20 plus shipping to Mike Whalen 19640 Driftwood Dr, Clinton Township, MI 48038-6904


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